Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Morning

Today we talked about our attitude and the fact that humility is at the foundation of it. I have been challenged over and over in this area of my life. For example, I love reading biographies and right now I am reading about Hudson Taylor who was the founder of “Inland China Missions”. Man you talk about tearing me up it has flat done it! One quote from the book has been ringing in my ears from my reading during vacation (by the way of which was fantastic). Hudson Taylor during a time in his life when he was questioning his faith and God placed a man in his path that was broke, had a sick wife, and kids that was starving, and the man asked for money with Hudson Taylor having only one coin in his pocket said this “I thought I could trust God, but can I trust him with empty pockets”!!!
When I am asked questions like this it breaks me! I see my selfish, self centered, it’s all about me attitude and that rips my heart out. I was challenged in getting ready for the message today to see it’s such a lifelong process that requires an everyday discipline that sells me out to Jesus Christ. What if the Church was willing to give their self away and have the attitude to be a servant to other and totally be dependent upon Christ for everything? Some people would say that could not happen in today’s society and yet I believe it can simple as that!!! Come on let’s be the Church of Christ and step up to the plate! We are willing to devote our paychecks to a five year car debt, thirty years on a house mortgage, and all God wants from us is our life.

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Abby said...

You are so completely right. I actually read that part in your book and it really hit me too! We have been worried about a job for me, when there is no need to. I believe that Shoal Creek could be the church that you talked about in your blog-if we set our minds, hearts, and prayers to it! I am ready to bust down the walls of this community and take Christ to a lost and dying world!