Friday, July 18, 2008

Thinking Right

I am a simple preacher from north Georgia, I am the pastor of a small church, and I really don’t have any abilities of my own, but I serve the God of the universe!!! I believe the problem with most Christians is that we think so small in terms of our relationship with God. We place God in this small tiny box and then tell the rest of the world that they need this God that we have.

When Nehemiah was faced with the problem of rebuilding the walls he could have said I believe in God, I’m a good old boy, I have a great job, and I have security, but he didn’t. Instead he gave up the right to himself and turned it over to God.

When was the last time we thought big? When was the last time we stood at the Red Sea of our future and said I could go to the right, left, or turn back but said NO I am going forward! We have to go forward! We cannot look back! We cannot look back at the problems, the hurts, the scars, the people who done us wrong, the church that wasn’t perfect, the pastor we didn’t agree with and the list goes on. That is called bondage!!! And God does not want us there. He wants us to have the right attitude, the same attitude that Jesus had (Philippians 2)!!!

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Margaret said...

Jonathan we are so proud of you, Where have the years gone, We wish you the best, your blog is wonderful and truly touched my heart.
God will lead you through any journey if we only believe.
We will come hear you preach one Sunday.
Bless you Love,
Jimmy and Margaret Smith