Monday, August 25, 2008


I have truly been broken over the past few weeks! I have been reading through Jeremiah and Lamentations with a broken heart. I believe that we need to take sin as serious as God takes sin. I am serious, to think about all that God had done in in the lives of the Jews and all that He wanted to continue to do and yet they still wanted to do their own thing and live their own lives. When I read how Jerusalem had fallen and I pictured years later when Nehemiah returned to rebuild the walls all I could see that great city torn.

I bring this up because this sunday I have been burdened with a message that's about sin. I am not speaking of a specific sin. I am simply speaking of sin! We don't take sin as serious as we should and I believe we should hate it. It leaves lives torn and ruined. It's time that the Church rise up and call on God to heal these lives that appears to everyone else hopeless and ask God to protect our lives and the ones we love. Please pray for Sundays service and that God would start something at Shoal Creek that would stir this whole area!!!

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