Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Reason 6-10: People give up on church

6. They get out of the routine- These people are those who come to a place where they have been out of church for whatever reason and they quit. The sad thing is many times we don't go after them.

7. Religion! Thats right I said religion! Religion is pushed down our throats and we wonder why am I even going? Let me give my definition of religion. Religion- Is us trying to impress God and not trying to love God.

8. The church quits trying to go past the limits and be more than the world and people go and find it else where

9. People wants the church to be passionate and it loses it sometimes. Why on earth would you go somewhere thats not exciting???

10. Church has become about versions of the Bible, denominations, competitions, are we dressing holy enough, etc. and it is no longer about JESUS CHRIST!!!

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