Monday, August 18, 2008

Reason number five- Why people give up on church

Reason number five people give up on church is because the church quits being missions minded. I know I have been on the church throughout the first five points and there’s a good reason for this. The Church has the command to “GO” and not those who give up. We as the Church must be mission minded in the way we do church. We must begin thinking like a missionary who goes into a foreign country with the desire to reach those people. So how do we achieve this?

1. We have to look at the culture, observe the needs of the people, and ask the Holy Spirit to guide our church in reaching out to those people. Now I know we are talking about those who’ve been in church and quit but we must realize that when people give up on Church we have to reach out to those individuals. We (the church) are in the people business and we must be doing whatever we can to reach out to every person in our community. It’s easy to get caught up in what we would like the church to be but its God’s church and we must remember that He planted your church in your area and He knows the community better than you.

2. A lack of vision from the pastor. Now I have no desire to bash pastors but I would like to express my concern for godly vision from pastors. I believe that all churches that follow God can be successful and that there are enough people to feel up all churches. We (pastors) must remember that it would be easy to be a preacher and not a pastor. It would be easy to give up on fighting this battle we are in and just preach. We ask our people to allow God to place a fire in their hearts but what the fire in our heart. So many pastors have lost their passion and I believe it’s time to get it back. When we get it back and begin to be the men and women God wanted us to be I believe He will renew that vision.

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