Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Number 1 reason I believe people quit Church

People feel that their life is unchanged! Ok seriously if I was going to church every Sunday with absolutely no change what so ever I would probably quit to. There are so many people who are in the ministry who do not grasp a certain concept that can make or break a church: Jesus Christ is the only one who can change lives!!!

My most important job is not preaching it is getting people to Jesus. Sure I can do that preaching, singing, or teaching but I can promise you one thing if I am not close to Jesus then I will do a poor job in getting others to Him. Church leaders, it is time that we are consumed with and by Jesus Christ! He should be the love of our life, He should be the message that comes from our churches, He should be the reason our church exist! Only when we look at Jesus Christ in this way will we be able to point others to Christ that their lives might be changed!!!

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