Thursday, August 7, 2008

Reason number 2 people quit (abandon) Church

I believe the number two reason people abandoned the Church is the fact that they do not belong. This is huge!!! People are looking for somewhere to belong and I assure you that if they do not find that place at a church they will find it somewhere. One thing that I and the other leaders in our church have been doing the past few weeks is making sure that there is a fit for everyone who is here and those who will come. We call our churches friendly but let’s be honest the cashier at the seven eleven up the road is friendly (paid) but friendly. Our church has to say to people this is a good fit for my life.
From experience I grew more when I was somewhere I could belong. In our vision here at Shoal Creek we focus on five things Prayer, Connecting (outreach), Cultivating (discipleship), consumed (worship), and committed (leadership). I have a copy of our vision plan and would be glad to email it to anyone who was interested

My heart has been that no one would fall through the cracks and that should be the attitude of the Church that we lose no one!!!

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Chad said...

You have made 2 great points. I believe also that some quit b/c they are there (church) for the wrong reasons or another. Also, sad to say, but some churches don't do too good of a job reaching out to folks and bringing them in unless they fit the mold so to speak (dress, job, etc). Enjoyed your posts. Don't forget about Tues AM bible're alway welcome.