Friday, August 8, 2008

Reason number three- Why people give up on church

The number three reason I believe people give up on Church is because of leadership! This is a big one for me!!! I know it is frustrating when you want your church to go somewhere and it’s not because of the leadership. I will be honest I believe that a church will never rise above its leadership. You are probably thinking so if our leadership is not going anywhere than I won’t either. No not exactly you can always find better leadership (LOL). Seriously we don’t need to let ourselves get stagnant though or we will end up in that place where we think all Churches are the same (NOT TRUE). If you are a leader you need to ask yourself a couple of questions

1. Is anyone following me? (If they’re not you are not leading you are simply taking a walk- John Maxwell)

2. What am I doing to grow those who are following me?

3. Am I doing everything? (If we are doing everything look at your core group and see why they are not where you are in serving! Have we brought them with us?)

4. Have I raised anyoneup that could feel my shoes if I were not here?

These are just a few thoughts for leaders! I know I am not the best and I have so much to learn but these are a few questions that challenge my life.

Let me say this if there is someone who has given up on church because of leadership I want to assure you that there are more good leaders than bad in the church. It is simply easier to hear about the bad and I believe followers should ask themselves a few things too! (We should all be followers)

1. Am I submissive to godly leadership? (Peter was instructed to be submissive to Nero (not godly)think about that and David would not even touch Saul)

2. Am I having daily devotion with Jesus? (If you’re not quit complaining)

3. Am I willing to get out of my comfort zone?

4. Have I prayed for our leadership? (Many want to complain and never even ask God to help their leader)

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Abby said...

Here are some reasions that I think you are a good leader/pastor:
1. You truly show people that you love and care about them. This not only makes them follow you (#1), but it also makes them want to know more about Jesus, which is our number one goal!
2. You have been continuously trying to grow those around you. Examples: Fresh Wind Fresh Fire with the Deacons, Sunday School Conference, Children's material, etc.(#2)
3. You are making a point to raise up other leaders in the church to take over ministries. Ex: An outreach ministry is going to launch because you approached someone in the church about taking it over. (#3)