Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Church- Post 1- Problems

#1- A church that’s not open! Their doors are open but their hearts are not. These are the places where people are disguising themselves as something they’re not. James 5:16 explains a great deal about this problem in the church. James explains in this passage the way to be healed is to confess to one another our sins and pray for one another.

#2- The church not being what Jesus called it to be. We are supposed to make a difference and instead it seems that the church is becoming the silent social club. If the doors shut tomorrow on the church you attend would it make a difference?

#3- The church that’s not baptizing people. Let me say when we don’t baptize people it disturbs me. Some will say God’s got to save them. Yes! But He uses us as His vehicle in which His message rides in. A vehicle that’s parked in the garage doesn’t get much accomplished. When we are reaching out, praying and doing what God has called us to do then blame it on God.

Let me stop here and say something. The church is it! If the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ is not being the Church He intended on then we are committing spiritual adultery. That is we are befriending the ways of society and according to James God doesn’t take to kindly to that. As a matter of fact when the church is the church the world don’t like it. Saddle Back stays in the news, Woodstock FBC has had people protest outside their church, New Spring has people bash their pastor all the time, The Grove (I have heard so many people down that church it’s not even funny). I have no desire to tick people off but I have desire to please God which means people will probably get ticked at me from time to time.

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