Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My thoughts on the president

First: I do not preach on politics nor will endorse a candidate before the congregation. There are to many lost people to put to much time into this.

OK, let me say I voted for Bush. Not because he was a republican, white, his family, etc. I voted for him because I believed he was the best man for the job and I still do. His morals were unmatchable and his integrity well lets just say some other presidents wasn't even close. I read an article this morning by an individual bashing ol' G.W. Here's a few things I would like to reply back on.

1. The war in Iraq- We shouldn't have went? Ok that's questionable, but when someone is threat to your country you better strike them or they will strike you (9-11). You say that wasn't Saddam. Please he hated this country and he hated freedom. Will things get any better in the middle east probably not. But you better pick another yard besides mine to burn a flag in.

2. The economy- The reason all these people are losing jobs is because of the management in companies that was so irresponsible. The reason people are losing their homes is not because of George Bush or any other politician or any political party. It's becuase people were not good stewards of God's money. "I would like a farm one day, I can't afford it, I think I'll buy it" here's a thought wake-up.

3. Hurricane Katrina- The critics say the government didn't move fast enough. No the morons living in New Orleans didn't move at all. When you're under sea level, a hurricane is heading your way, you have a free ride out and don't take it, that's not the presidents fault that's your fault.

4. Morals- This is one thing that wasn't in the paper and it want be. The morals of this presidency done more for this nation in standing up for what matters than any other. Sure George W. Bush made some mistakes that we (I) dissagree with. But the one person we answer for one day is us. This country is in the shape that it is in right now because of a moral crisis not a president. There is so many who think that God will not punish sin. Friend GOD HATES SIN. Jesus came to set us free from sin not just to forgive us of it but to free us as well. I don't expect this country to find the answers to their problems in a president. I expect them to find it from the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. Friend you can lose your job and still live an abundant life. But a job will not will not get any of us to heaven.

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