Thursday, January 15, 2009

The church- Post 2- Good times

1- The time a guy asked if anyone had a lawn mower for sale during a business conference church. By the way we were in the middle of taking questions about a new building.

2- Last wednesday night when a little boy here at church said "that me and my sister go roller skating and she falls on her butt." That was great!

3- When I was trying to say Moody Bible institute and instead I said Booty Bible Institute. However, if I ever start a school that's what I'll name it.

4- The time Abby was singing a song and she was suppose to say "He ain't never done me nothing but good" instead she said "He ain't never done me nothing but dood". She would not make eye contact with me at all. I was so ready to make fun of her.

5- I was 21 and a guy was preaching one time at a church and he looked at me and said "son I bet the Lord will come back before you graduate". The guy I was setting beside turned to me and said "maybe you'll be out by the time your 23".

6- The time I tripped over the "Do this in rememberance of me" table. I was praying so no one saw it. It did cut the prayer short.

7- The time Abby had cords all over the stage and I tripped over the stinking things right in front of the whole congregation and totally almost fell down the steps.

8- The time Adam was preaching at Good News and and forgot his Bible and he forgot where the passage was he was going to preach from. The bad thing is, he's a better preacher than I am so what's that say about me.

9- The time Rick said "do not seek the treasure" in the service. That's a long story call me and I will explain.

10- The time I was going to buy a guy a sweat shirt for Christmas and I asked him what color he wanted and he said "Turquoise, I've been told it brings out the color in my eyes". He was as serious as a heart attack!

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