Tuesday, January 20, 2009

God want's you

Read Hosea 3!

OK! I am teaching on this tonight as a leadership lesson with our church council. Here's a few thoughts that's worthy of notice!

- God wants you! He don't need you, your abilities, your tallents, or your knowledge. He simply wants you. I don't need Abby as my wife and she doesn't need me as her husband, we could exist without each other. We may not need each other, but I want her. God wants you the way He wanted Israel back. Hosea payed a fee for a girl who was worthless to many. You may be worthless to this world but to God your priceless.

- Your relationship with God is determined by His love for you and not your love for Him. Some of us try so hard to be godly people. QUIT TRYING! You can't impress Him or win Him. How can you earn something that's free! His love is simply His love. You can't buy it, earn it, win it, or sell it. It's simply His gift to you. All you can do is accept or reject it. He loved you two thousand years ago when you didn't even exist. Notice that this passage never says anything about Gomer or Israel's love but it was Hosea and God's love.

- Isn't it amazing that God would use money to win back something like a prostitute. The Church has to start focusing it's finances on people and stop thinking that money is here for the church to keep a building up.

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