Thursday, January 22, 2009

Here's a few secret's about the church

There are so many Christians that have become hot and cold and that disturbs me. They are on fire one minute and then gone the next. I would like to take a minute and encourage some of you.

- Most people that leave the church was serving the church! The church is us so if we leave the church we leave us! In other words if we are serving the church we are serving ourselves. The church can give mothing back to you only Christ can.

- The Church hurts us because our expectations are in the church. I will be completely honest with you, I have been hurt more from the church than anyone else. Seriously, I have had people say things to me that broke my heart and it was people from within the church. Now let me say this: The church is made up of sinners, those people who hurt me was serving the church, and Jesus never hurt me. You have to move on. If someone hurt you they were wrong. We never have the right to be unkind even if we are right and we also never have the right to quit serving Christ even if we are right. Job was in the right when he spoke to his friends, but God explained to Job that there was only one God. It's amazing that we can be wrng and right at the same time.

- Church becomes a priority over Jesus. Wow! There are tons people who are obligated to the church and not Jesus. We invite people to church, we lift up our church, we debate people over our denomination, and yet It's all about Jesus. No where in scripture did people invite others to church they invited them to Christ so that He could make them a part of His church.

- I have Jesus I don't need the church. You don't serve the church and you don't serve Jesus apart from the church. There is only one way to serve Jesus and that's with His body.

Friend don't give up on the body of Christ (the Church). I have had surgery on my left knee twice and I noticed that each time I had to stay off that leg for a few days it became almost useless. That's how many of you are feeling right now, useless. Well, your not! It was painful and it took a great deal of time to recover and serving Christ again within His body will be the same for you. But you know in my head I knew that I would not be the same without my left leg. Jesus (who is the head of the church) knows that His body will not be as strong if the whole body is not serving.

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