Monday, May 11, 2009

Amazing People in my Life: Part 2

I have around 4 people in my life that I meet with every week who hold me accountable. This is huge! Most people fail because they are set up for failure. Johnny Hunt once said "who is asking you the tough questons?" In our culture we are so closed off from other people, even those who are closest to us never come close to getting to know who we realy are.

Lets face it we have a hard time understanding who we are at times. So for us to be honest about our struggles really gets us out of our comfort zone. We have to face who we are and if we don't confront who we are it will consume us. So many people are miserable because they hate theirself!

This is where accountability comes into play. Since it is difficult for us to understand ourselves we need to find someone who can help us understand us better. I don't care if you are a pastor, deacon, Sunday school teacher, or just a Christian who seems to have everything together friend you can fall flat on your face, I know! Find someone who is going to help you know you better.

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