Friday, May 15, 2009

Kingdom Church

We have to view church from the stand point of a Kingdom picture. If there is one thing I want Shoal Creek to be is a Kingdom church. Sometimes we want God to send us certain people or certain families but God doesn't always work that way. He may not send people who are white collard families or who are like us. We as a church have to think in the mindset of a kingdom.

It's God's kingdom that needs growing not our church. It's His kingdom that needs the harvest but the laborers are few. It's His Kingdom that needs our service not our church. As a matter of fact Jesus spoke more about His Kingdom than any other subject. He is not worried about one church growing or one Sunday school class growing He is concerned about His Kingdom growing.

I love people! I love old people and I love young people, I love white people and I love black people, I love rich people and I love poor people. But God has called me to love Him more. God's calling on my life as a Pastor is not just to be a simple pastor but an obeidiant pastor. That is obiediant to Him. With that being said I don't want to be a great pastor, I want to be a great Christian and only when I focus on His Kingdom will accomplish this.

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