Sunday, May 17, 2009

Great Day

Today we started a message series entitled "Emotional Wreck". For the next four weeks we are going through emotions that we struggle with. Today was awesome! God really moved in the hearts of our people. Today was great all around and the next few months are going to be out of this world.

- VBS is going to be June 24-27. I am so excited about the future of children's ministry.

- Abby and I had lunch with a Joshua (who likes disc golf! Cool!) and Caroline (who laughed at me when I got tongue tied preaching today! Not cool!) and talked about a new student ministry which fires me up.

- We are leaving in July to go to Zambia. I am out of my freaking mind on this whole deal.

- In August we are having "No Member left behind" which is going to be stinking awesome. I am praying for over a hundred people.

- In September we are doing a series called De-Churched and I cannot wait to preach this.

- On June 13th we are going to Mexico Beach with Abby's family which is going to be nice.

- We are fixing to complete our first year at Shoal Creek and I cannot wait for year two.

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