Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Wow! It's almost been a year since we arrived at Shoal Creek! I am still excited! I am still expecting! I am still craving! I cannot wait for the upcoming year. It's going to be a year where we really take a hard look at our vision. Here are few things that God is working with me on.

- Structure! We are going to redo the structure of our church and make sure everybody knows their job like the back of their hand. A healthy church has to have structure.

- Leadership! We are going to invest more time on growing leaders. I have two conferences that I believe we need to go to. Leadership will make us or break us!

- Youth Ministry! I am ready for a student ministry to launch.

- Missions! We have to take our missions program to the next level and look at missions from a local, to a regional, to an international stand point!

- Disciples! We are going to look this summer at how we make disciples. I would say that not many people in our church know how we make disciples and that's because there's not a proper vision that's before us.

- Enjoyment! I want people (including myself) to quit taking everything so serious. That is in how we do ministry. We worry so much and just simply do not enjoy ministry. God gave us the church to enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Brother you need to post a blog with your BIGGEST news of the summer dude... If you don't this happy little aunt will tell em'...