Saturday, May 2, 2009

A few things I can't wait for

* Tomorrow! Man, I believe tomorrow's message is so important. It's not my favorite but it's important.

* Tomorrow night! We are praying and God is blessing our church in a way that we it's not us.

* Zambia! I cannot wait to go to Zambia. I feel so humbled that we are being allowed by God to be apart of this trip.

* Outreach! Tuesday night is our outreach night. I am so challenged to share Jesus!

* May 28th! Our anniversary is on the 28th and it will be the big 4 years. I am so thankful for Abby! Some people aggravate me about the things I write on my blog about Abby! She's great! Our marriage is not perfect and it's something we work have to at but I wouldn't take nothing for it! By the way I don't deserve her!!!

* Our lawn chair movie night! That's going to be stinking fun.

* College football! Seriously, I am tired of all these sports that's not College football. I thought I would never say this but not only am I excited about the dawgs but I am excited about Clemson as well. I like Dabo! If they played who would I pull for?

* Monday! I am through with this semester.

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